Diceland Vip Casino adheres to the Data Protection Act, and other relevant regulations, legal notices and/or similar at the Place of the Contract taking account of the Data Protection System. Furthermore, Diceland Vip Casino has adopted the best practices regarding the principles of email communication with Members.

All the aforementioned is in place in order to assure Members that at all times the personal data is:

Processed in accordance with the rights of the Member;

Processed fairly and lawfully;

Obtained only for a specific and lawful purpose;

Adequate, relevant and not excessive to its purpose;

Accurate and updated;

Kept in a secure manner;

Not kept longer than is necessary for its purpose;

Not transferred to jurisdictions not adhering to the aforementioned Directives;

Utilized for marketing purposes based on the so-called opt-in principle.

Diceland Vip Casino discloses personal data when required to do so by order of the Governing Authorities and/or under any legal provision contained in the Governing Law. For fraud detection and control purposes, Account Holders agree that Diceland Vip Casino has the right to transfer Members’ personal data to third parties, including so-called AVS service providers and other partners. Furthermore, Diceland Vip Casino reserves the right to disclose personal data to relevant recipients when Diceland Vip Casino has reasonable ground to suspect irregularities that involve a Diceland Vip Casino Account.

Diceland Vip Casino shall disclose personal data with the purpose to provide the Member with other partners’ products and services that may be of interest to the Member. The same information may also be shared with other related entities, employees, independent contractors and/or other business partners.

Diceland Vip Casino shall not share the Member’s personal data with other entities that do not have a partnership agreement with Diceland Vip Casino, except to the extent necessary to fulfill the Member’s required transactions (Payment Solution Providers, Financial Institutions and similar entities whose involvements are objectively required), in which case it is subject to these entities’ privacy policy to treat the Member’s personal information as confidential.

Diceland Vip Casino reserves the right to process personal data for Customer Relationship Management purposes. However, only Members who have agreed to opt-in shall receive marketing material.

5.7 The Member has the right to require access to her/his own personal data, and/or the right to correct and/or erase incorrect and/or inappropriate data. Queries regarding data privacy can be sent to Contact@DicelandVipCasino.com .

The Diceland Vip Casino website works by using cookies for the following purposes:

To identify the Member’s preferred language so it is automatically selected when the Member returns to Diceland Vip Casino;

To ensure the bets the Member places are associated with the Member’s betting coupon and Account;

To ensure the Member receives any Bonuses for which the Member is eligible;

For analysis of Diceland Vip Casino website traffic to allow us to make suitable improvements. Please be aware that it is not possible to use the Diceland Vip Casino Site without cookies. If additional information about Diceland Vip Casino’s use of cookies is requested, please email  Contact@DicelandVipCasino.com .

Except the situations noted above, email addresses and other private information collected by Diceland Vip Casino shall not be shared, rented or sold to any third party.

The winnings and processed withdrawals are subject to advertisement. Information about the Member’s winnings and other personal information shall be provided for this sole purpose. Information about winnings and/or processed withdrawals shall also be provided to third parties acting under good faith that such information is required to be disclosed under law, regulation or any governmental or competent regulatory authority.