Bonus Money:

  • “Bonus Money” is an incentive that Diceland Vip Casino offers in order to enhance the Members’ casino experience;
  • An Account Holder is entitled to receive free Bonus Money following the registration process.
  • The free Bonus Money represents the amount awarded to the Member, as stipulated in the promotional offers sent to the Member via email or newsletters;
  •  Free Bonus Money is awarded only to Members who have at least one deposit lifetime on Diceland Vip Casino;
  • Bonus money cannot be withdrawn; it can only be put into play;
  • Bonus money can be used to play Table Games (Blackjack, Roulette, Craps), Slots, Video Poker, Keno, Weed Whacker, Mini Baccarat, Casino War and Pull Tab casino Games;
  • Should a Member receive more than one Promotional Bonus offer, s/he shall be entitled only to the first one, any other requests pertaining the Bonus offers being declared invalid.


Sign-Up Bonus Money:

  • “Sign-Up Bonus Money” (“Sign-Up Bonus”) represents funds added to the Member’s account once the registration process is complete. The Bonus following the sign-up process shall be given once per account;
  • Sign-Up Bonus Money shall only be awarded if the Player completed the Member Profile information form with accurate information including full name, telephone number, and accurate home address and email address;
  •  Sign-Up Bonuses shall not be credited to duplicate casino accounts, in the event of multiple casino accounts abuse, all balances shall be forfeited and all accounts shall be permanently closed;
  •  Free Sign-Up Bonuses shall only be credited once, and they shall be awarded according to the casino promotion published on the Site or via the promotional emails sent by Diceland Vip Casino.


Deposit Bonus:

  •  “Deposit Bonuses” are defined as special promotional bonuses awarded to the Members, based on their deposit activity, constituting a percentage of the deposit back as a bonus;
  • Deposit Bonus money shall be credited only after the corresponding deposit is already credited in the Member’s cash balance.
  • The “Cash Back Bonus” is a monetary reward representing a certain amount of the deposit money that has been put into the Games, which can be claimed back by the Member;
  •  Cash Back Bonuses shall be credited only in cases where the Member lost the corresponding deposit.


Bonus promotions:

  •  Occasionally, Diceland Vip Casino may send Bonus promotions via email to a specific group of Members, and some of these promotions may be posted on other sites or throughout casino forums;
  •  If Diceland Vip Casino has enough grounds to believe that a Member was not included in a particular Bonus promotion, the bonuses shall not be awarded and no subsequent payouts shall be honored. Diceland Vip Casino reserves the right to deny promotion participation of any Member without further explanation;
  •  Diceland Vip Casino reserves the right to provide Account Holders with general Bonus promotions disregarding their eligibility; Members shall be exempted from the Bonus offer if their Accounts do not comply with the conditions.
  •  The maximum deposit bonus amount that can be redeemed from the welcome package is $1,000.
  •  Members who are suspected to have Bonus-seeking patterns shall not be eligible for any Bonus promotions;
  •  Members who have never made a deposit on the Diceland Vip Casino account cannot receive more than three (3) free bonuses.
  •  Diceland Vip Casino reserves the right to deny more than one Bonus (according to rule 8.2) or close accounts due to suspicious or Bonus seeking pattern.


Bonus abuse rules:

  •  Bonus abuse takes place when the Member has no intention to use the casino Bonus for entertainment but instead utilizes unfair techniques such as advantage-betting, systematic-betting or betting at later extent to manipulate the casino Games in her/his favor. Free Bonus abuse and Bonus betting systems shall not be tolerated at Diceland Vip Casino. Members found using these methods shall be immediately blacklisted, and their original deposit amount refunded, unless the Member receives a total payout that exceeds her/his initial deposits amount. In such cases, no further refund shall be initiated. Any winnings made using advantage-betting and systematic-betting methods shall be considered fraudulent and shall immediately become void.
  •  Members shall be aware that Diceland Vip Casino, as a part of a corporation, is ruled and managed under such principles and has created these Rules to prevent dishonest Players from visiting the Site.
  • Diceland Vip Casino shall not tolerate abuse of free Bonus Money in advantage play. Free Sign-Up Bonus casino accounts and free Bonus credits are closely monitored by gaming specialists to avoid this practice. If a Member is found placing advantage bets with free Bonus Money, all associated casino accounts in the entire network of sites managed by the same company shall be immediately blacklisted and closed. All winnings shall be voided.